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Cocada de Forno




Congeladas caipirinha




Xuxu e Shrimp




Pao De Queijo




Queijo Branco Grelhado




Yuca Fries




Tapioca-Flour Crepes


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What is iFood?

Have you ever had a Brazilian dish that just blew your mind? Are you Brazilian and long for recipes that remind you of home? iFood is the site you’ve been looking for. Our team has searched high and low for a central location for Brazilian recipes where we could find authentic, delicious dishes with easy-to-follow steps. We couldn’t find one, so we created iFood. iFood is a site where you can find Brazilian recipes and upload them yourself so you can share your food traditions with others all around the world!


Why is iFood an important resource?

Every culture in the world is defined by certain customs that make them unique, and one of the defining customs of a people is their food. iFood is a space where Brazilian culture and people can be celebrated through authentic recipes. That’s why we think iFood is an important resource: we value Brazilian culture and want others to value and enjoy it as well. Through food, you can be reminded of your home or experience the homeland of someone you love. Recipes allow us to learn about people down the street or people we have never even met. iFood’s compilation of Brazilian recipes gives you the opportunity to step into the Brazilian culture through your own kitchen.


How can iFood help me find Brazilian food recipes?

iFood is the best place on the entire internet to find authentic Brazilian food recipes. Our site is home to hundreds of recipes, and we’re growing. The unique thing about our inventory of recipes is that they’re sourced from Brazilian home cooks just like you. We have made finding your favorite recipes as easy as can be. You can search by recipe or by category if you’re in need of inspiration. Do you love authentic Brazilian cuisine? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. We have compiled a huge variety of Brazilian recipes that are sure to please you and your dinner guests.


How are the recipes in iFood catalogued?

All of our recipes are organized so you can easily find what you’re looking for. You can search for specific recipes on our site, or you can search by category. Find drinks, appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts all on iFood. You can also search the recipes by rating. If you’re looking for a highly-rated dish, you can find one quickly and easily. If you’re hosting a party and need a sure-fire recipe, or if you’re wanting a sweet treat that’s not the typical chocolate chip cookie, you can find what you need here on iFood’s easy-to-use catalogue.


Who can contribute to the iFood recipe log?

The great thing about iFood is that anyone can contribute to our ever-growing collection of Brazilian recipes. We have a very easy-to-use submission form that makes recipe input incredibly simple. Give us your ingredients, the steps for the recipe, and a picture, and we will format it so that anyone can take advantage of your delicious Brazilian recipe. We love seeing new submissions because we love celebrating and eating Brazilian food!

How do iFood ratings work?

Each recipe on our website can be rated by our users who have made the recipe for themselves. There is an option for you to rate the recipe and leave comments letting others know about your experience with the recipe. Once you rate the recipe, that data is compiled with ratings from other users to give an average star rating. We ask that you rate the recipe honestly so that others can have a clear idea about the recipe in question.


Is iFood for experienced chefs?

The great thing about food is that anyone can make it, and everyone enjoys it. You can show hospitality and care to those around you by preparing a meal, even if it’s simple. Here on iFood, we have a huge selection of Brazilian recipes for all levels of cooks. Whether you are a chef looking to try new things or just getting started in the kitchen, there’s something for you on iFood. Cooking for your friends and family is a wonderful way to show them your love, and cooking delicious Brazilian food makes time spent together memorable.


How can I find the ingredients in the recipes on iFood?

All of the recipes on our site are organized so that the steps are easy to follow. But some Brazilians recipes call for ingredients that aren’t typically found in some grocery stores. We recommend looking at online shops for those specialty Brazilian ingredients. Brazil is home to bold, unique flavors, and those flavors are achieved by utilizing specific foods in the recipe. Our encouragement is to not skip out on region-specific ingredients. They can take your recipe from good to fantastic.


What’s the iFood recipe contest?

Our food team loves trying all of the recipes our users submit. In addition to sharing recipes with you all, we also love picking our favorites. And now you can too. Do you have a recipe that stands above the rest? Do you have a Brazilian dish that always garners oohs and ahhs? Enter it into our recipe competition! We are always on the hunt for the next best thing we’ve ever tasted, and it might be in your very own kitchen.


What kind of recipes can I find on iFood?

If you love delicious, authentic Brazilian food, you will be very happy with the recipes we have on our site! You can find hundreds of comforting Brazilian recipes for cooks of every level of experience. All of our recipes are guaranteed authentic Brazilian recipes. You can find drinks, appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts on our site. You’ll find vegetarian recipes, dishes that highlight luscious meats, drinks that bring you directly to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and Pao de Quiejo that makes you feel at home. Find sauces that hit every taste bud. No matter what you want to create, no matter how much experience you have the kitchen, the team at iFood has a recipe that you can execute flawlessly for your friends and family.